Xcellent Design is a design driven brand manufacturer. We collect the senses of creative, innovative, aesthetics and lifestyle to generate the better products, the proper service and meaningful value about function, material and scenario. The humanistic oriented thinking, style-led aesthetic experience is our core thinking for each design. In between of technology and human, we desire to make the better.

Xcellent Design pursues three design principles to 1) meet the demand of contemporary life, it must be comfortable and practical, dynamically reflect to the present life and individual style. 2) offer a great experience, we integrate the advanced technology, the classic traditional craftsmanship and the eco-thinking of future to create a beautiful and comfortable using experience. 3) inherit our culture, through our design to present oriental aesthetics, to modernized the traditional spirit and retrieve the emotional connection between people.


Xcellent was founded in 2001. The company specialized in industrial design and manufacturing, offered professional services and high quality products to various international brands. In 2014, the company officially established its own brand: Xcellent Design and launched series of innovative LED lightings and ergonomics chairs. The branding journey of Xcellent Design thus began.


Xcellent Design create the light without the light bulb. People are always surprised with where the light come from. We integrate the advanced technology in order to provide you more.

Millions of 3D Microlens are built on the surface of acrylic glass to control the light preciously and minimize the light lost to 3~7%. Tru-Edge illumination with patented light input to generate nearly 360 degree emitting and silk-like visible soft light. To configure various Microlens pattern on each side of light guide, we create a comfortable ambience.


We use Osram LED chips that supply the reliable quality, advanced technology and eco-thinking. The broad patent protection, certification and marking is a great support to Xcellent Design. Besides that, all the electric system, like LED drivers, dimmer, powers or adaptors are developed by professional engineering team with reliable capability and plenty of certifications to many countries.Xcellent Design continuously improve to optimize the reliability of the lighting by way of well integrating electric, mechanical and thermal systems. They all went through international standard testing process to deliver safety to customers.

Xcellent Design create new structure of light to get rid of light bulb, the shade or fixture is emitting the the soft and no-glare light, we use open-air heat sinking to get great cooling. No extra material, no waste, no supplies. In addition to that, the good system designs to last lifetime of LED, avoid light decay, damage, super energy saving.

The features of light guide with top craft achievements are not limited to any type of performance. The form flexibility to match up the styles and usage of room. Besides the form, we also apply many kinds of surface treatments to make plentiful expression of light guides, it can be elegant, can inspirational. Also, the interaction between light and accessories produces stacking and silhouette effects, providing more design and customization possibilities. Unlimited possibility  to apply on home decoration, gift innovation and culture creativeness.