Design Story

The retro trend led us back to the 1960s, that’s the age of boom of the Space exploration which inspired the concept of GALAXY then. XcellentDesign’s signature light guide is embed with millions of mirco-lens, as like the stars in the galaxy, shaped it to be 60cm round disc that represent the simple geometry style of the Age. The light is emitted out follow with the shape of disc and diffuse to a large range. Only 4mm thick light guide is extremely simple, clean and modern.


  • Invisible LED refraction through millions tiny lenses with gentle, glare free illumination.

  • The light is diffused to both side of light guide that balance the brightness discrepancy and reduce glare.
  • A wide range diffusing suitable for general illumination of large room, like living room, meeting room or public space.
  • The garden pattern decorated plate (separated purchase) to change the style from clear modern to elegant romance.
  • Unique heat sinking design to last lifespan.
  • Power and driver hidden inside of light engine, easier for installation.



Ader Chen


PMMA Light Guide

Painting DieCast Aluminum




Glossy Black

Glossy White