Design Story

The eight-peal lotus represents the Bodhi heart, as it goes from budding to blossoming. The seven lamps with a lotus in a different state on each of them seem to be recounting a journey of life. Each light plate is handcrafted, with technology and craftsmanship integrated resulting in great beauty. With lotus lamp placed up-side-down, their floral shapes are transformed into canopies, chandleries with classic sophistication. When hung in different ways, the lamps create different artistic looks. Visually, they look like regal canopies used in the ancient times during outings of emperors and royalties, showcasing an aesthetic that is classic and refined.


  • Invisible LED refraction through millions tiny lenses with gentle, glare free illumination.











  • The light is diffused to both side of light guide that balance the brightness discrepancy and reduce glare.
  • The light flow down and gather in the edge and tip of petal where produce the bright fringe and dewdrop.
  • Each light plate is handcrafted with different state of blooming that is able to be customized.
  • More concentrated light shape, suitable for dinning, living room or study.
  • Unique heat sinking design to last lifespan.



Xi Song

Ader Chen


PMMA Light Guide

Painting DieCast Aluminum

Anodizing Aluminum



PS. Petals are hand-shaped, the following dimensions are for reference only.


Matte Black