Design Story

How to create the perfect balance home space and present the value of decorative lighting has been Xcellent Design dedicated to study. In 2014, Xcellent Design launched the concept of vintage, trying to get rid of everyone technology impression on the LED. A very industrial sense of optical prism through the design and process to give the soul, a story, a track and a warm companion. Lucy, based on this concept, a delightful modern form of a classic Victoria table lamp. Five petals with a charming curved edge join at the center to form the luminaire. The half vaselike metal column and base with subtle dimmer control provide a reassuring weight to this lamp.


  • Invisible LED refraction through millions tiny lenses with gentle, glare free illumination.
  • Full Range Rotating Dimmer for reading, dining, working or nightlight.
  • Half of the Chinese vase and Chinese buttons

  • Unique heat sinking design to last lifespan 



Ader Chen


PMMA Light Guide

Painting DieCast Aluminum

Painting Steel





Matte Black