Design Story

When night is falling, the animals from different countries, height and latitude are quietly getting together for star party. They are sharing fun in this peaceful grassland to compose a wonderful night party. XcellentDesign intent to communicate the concept of the Earth protection and resources sharing, through a series of night lamps filled with fun, deeply rooted in the child’s heart.

Grassland animal composed from Formosa Island-Taiwan, including the blue magpie, deer, black bear, monkey and frog on behalf of Taiwan’s unique diversity and inclusiveness.These night lamps are designed with proper brightness by low power consumption and even dimmable to reduce useless light. It could be a night lamp in your rooms, also could be a portable lamp in backyard dinner or camping tent.


  • Slim, frameless and yarn pattern light panel with gentle, glare free illumination.
  • 0.64W maximum power consumption and full range dimming to adapt different usage.
  • 5V USB connector offers universal power supply options, also find a way to use the extra phone charger.

  • 3AA batteries (rechargeable batteries are recommended) turn it to be a potable lamps.


  • Safety lock of battery box to protect young children.
  • Light plate: Custom requests can be considered on volume orders



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