Design Story

The plum is blossoming in the early spring which imply the winter has gone, standing front of glowing painting board with means of the  bright future is coming. A blessing and encouragement to people and suit to place in the study or living room. The frameless and silk-like luminaire surface with paintings, moon, window, scene, tea and incense concepts,Oriental series present the aesthetic of luminaire. Accompany you with gently and smooth light by different patterns and iron made decorative plate provide the moment of peaceful, the positive energy,the happiness memory and the guidelines for the way to home while you take a look at it. You can experience a silence,relaxation and inspiration from the daily life. It’s a good selection to decorate your home or send an unusual gift for any occasion.


• Slim, Frameless and Silky luminaire

• The iron made decorative plate*present more imagination.
• Walnut wood lamp stand bring out the quality of product.

• Full rang dimming function create different scene need.

• 5V USB connector offers universal power supply options.

• Simple and elegant package set off the value of present.
▸ Decorative plate: Custom requests can be considered on volume orders.



Ader Chen


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