Twins-Table light

Design Story

Two symmetrical luminous blade shape a simple and beautiful light, when its placed on the tabletop, that like a bird is about to fly. With an unique silk-like luminous light guide, XcellentDesign is trying to bring the natural aesthetics
into the modern living space through visual and lighting creation, it provides a relaxing and restful corner for a compact and busy life, a kind of physical and mental freedom.


  • Slim and frameless, the luminaire surface appears silk-like when lit-up and returns to clear when unlit. 

  • Invisible led chips, each side of the glass illuminates to create a comfortable ambience.
  • The whole surface of a blade emits a controlled, uniform, smooth and low-glare comfortable light.
  • Through the dimmer embodied on the top, you could adjust the brightness easily.



Roxanne Lai


Acrylic Glass Light Guide
Textural ABS



Matt White