Design Story

The retro trend led us back to the 1960s, Audrey Hepburn is one of symbol in that age which bring us to create an elegant lighting fixture. The light guide of HEPBURN shaped as ballet skirt is engraved with millions micro-lens and come to a hazy yarn texture. The engraved pattern intertwined by daisies, deers and waves, along lace-like edge trimming, reflecting crystal shinning. Under 48cm diameter luminous dome, no shadow and glare bulb, the concentrated light is suitable for dining table, living room or study.


  • Invisible LED refraction through millions tiny lenses with gentle, glare free illumination.

  • The light is diffused to both side of light guide that balance the brightness discrepancy and reduce glare.
  • The engraved pattern and lace trimming bring you elegant romance.
  • More concentrated light shape, suitable for dinning, living room or study.
  • Unique heat sinking design to last lifespan.



Ader Chen


PMMA Light Guide

Painting DieCast Aluminum

Anodizing Aluminum




Matte Black