LOTUS-Table lamp

Design Story

The eight-peal lotus represents the Bodhi heart, as it goes from budding to blossoming. The seven lamps with a lotus in a different state on each of them seem to be recounting a journey of life. Each light plate is handcrafted, with technology and craftsmanship integrated resulting in great beauty. A white round plate is used at the center of the lotus to symbolize well-roundedness. The round plate may be used to hold your favorite small Buddha statue or other objects of your liking. It will accompany you in finding growing happiness.


  • Invisible LED refraction through millions tiny lenses with gentle, glare free illumination.

  • The light is diffused to both side of light guide that balance the brightness discrepancy and reduce glare.
  • The light flow down and gather in the edge and tip of petal where produce the bright fringe and dewdrop.
  • Each light plate is handcrafted with different state of blooming that is able to be customized.
  • The dimmer embedded in the Ash base is able to adjust brightness.
  • Unique heat sinking design to last lifespan.



Xi Song

Ader Chen


PMMA Light Guide
Painting DieCast Aluminum
Ash Wood




PS. Petals are hand-shaped, the following dimensions are for reference only.


Glossy White