MELODY (blue)

Design Story

In Chinese culture, magpie is a symbol of happiness. The singing of a magpie foretells good luck and happiness. That’s why Chinese people call it ‘Happy Magpie’. Xcellent Design presents this traditional delight image with modern and simple design. The two rectangle shape panels can be opened and closed. When closed, it presents a magpie drawing with beautiful melody as called. When opened, it looks like a glowing house indicates the elegant and subtle expression of home harmony. MELODY is suitable for placing in the entrance, dining table and living room.


Two melody panels can rotate 0 to 100 degree by opening and closing. The different angles create various visual image and illumination range. 

The light from panels radiate a uniform, low glare and comfortable light, no shadows under multiple light emitting.

The decorative accessory could be customized for volume order.

Comply with Triac dimming 
Flat packing is convenient to delivery and easy to install.
Excellent heat sinking integrated by design for LED longevity and safety.
Meets IEC/EN 62471



Ader Chen, Nicole Chang


Acrylic Glass Light Guide
Textural Coating  Steel
Enameled ZinCasting
Textural ABS
Rubber Core 



RED+RED Magpie